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Use DOC xPress Snapshot Compare to Find Changes in Your Environment

Posted Sep 13, 2017 by Philip de la Cal


"What happened to my code? My expressions all worked last night!" Sound familiar?

For many developers and DBAs, this is all too common. Sometimes development can change overnight. A new team member implemented a change, a contractor came in while you were out of town; the possibilities for error are endless.

That’s when DOC xPress comes to the rescue! DOC xPress gives you the ability to compare snapshots of metadata that you create over time in your environment. Using the Snapshot Compare tool you can quickly view and compare a current version of your metadata where it may be broken with a previous working version.

This video demo shows you how easily this feature works:

  • With DOC xPress open, choose where the breakage occurred; this may anywhere, such as SSIS, Oracle or SQL Server, for example.
  • Click the Compare button. This will show dates of when your environment was working and when it was broken.
  • Make sure Equal is unchecked, as you want to see the differences in this case.
  • You can now dig into folders/tests/projects and see where something is broken (a package for instance).
  • This could be a parameter, a variable or a connection string, for example, which you could not visually see. But DOC xPress will find the difference and identify exactly what was changed.

Quick and easy, right? Using DOC xPress Snapshot Compare will save you time and stress, when these common scenarios happen. This is only one of the many fantastic features in Pragmatic Works’ DOC xPress. To learn more about how the features of DOC xPress can help you and your business, visit our website or download a free trial today!

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