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LegiTest.jpgAccurate data is something we all want, but increasing our dev time can defeat the purpose. LegiTest is fully automatable, but more than that, with a quick connection established and queries written, we can create tests accurately and rapidly to ensure that our data goes through our ETL properly, every time.

In this demo, I’ll walk you through comparing data between two environments. When you look  at data coming from your dev server to your QA server, or your QA server to your production server, for instance, you want to ensure that as data moves from one to the other that it’s accurate. With LegiTest, it’s quick and easy to build out a solution. Let’s look:

  • I’ll start in an active instance inside of LegiTest.
  • To quickly and actively build my queries, I’ll start by right-clicking on my Test Suite. This will open many different wizards that are available.
  • In the Test Suite, I’ll go into Add Group and choose Data Management Interactive Comparison.
  • Next, I grab my source in my ADO.net connection, which I’ll call DevServer Expected Results.
  • Under Configure in Connection Properties, I enter my connection string or type in the source manually.
  • I then do a “.” for localhost, windows authentication, choose my database and hit OK.
  • Now I need to go in and do the exact same thing for my Actual. I call this one Production Server and I have another data warehouse that I’m calling Compare.
  • Next step is to type out my SQL queries to grab the specific items I want to compare. I’m doing a Select-All statement from my dimension student table and I grab the same table on the other environment.
  • Now I need to set a key comparison and compare the columns together.
  • As I did Select-All there are a lot of columns! So, I’m going to do Auto Map Comparison. Now I see there are rows that are different. I can now scroll over to see what happened and get to fixing the issue.

As you can see, it’s fast and easy to build a custom test using LegiTest. You can quickly build out an entire solution, add some simple queries and C# is built behind the scenes. Want to learn more about how LegiTest can help you stop bad data? Visit LegiTest.com or pragmaticworks.com to download your free trial and start your journey to stop bad data.

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