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Using Task Factory’s REST API Source to Connect to Zendesk

Written by Manuel Quintana | Mar 08, 2016

Greetings everyone! Today we are going to create an SSIS package using the REST API Source component from Task Factory. Specifically, we are going to use this source component to connect to Zendesk’s API service. When using the REST API Source to connect to any service you must be knowledgeable on how that particular API and what are valid API endpoints.

For Zendesk you can go here to look at the basics for their API. As well, the REST API Source can connect via the standard REST authentication which requires a username and password (usually including the API secret key in a specific format which will be supplied by whatever API you are connecting to) or the REST OAUTH2 connection which we will be using in this example. In regards to Zendesk, you can go here to read up on OAuth authentication and how to create an application.

The REST API source comes with three OAuth files that contain all the information you would need to acquire the necessary token for these API services as shown below and are GoogleWebApp, GoToMeeting and PaypalSandbox. 

If you are going to be consistently creating packages to connect to an API service using OAuth authentication, which is not one of three mentioned above, you should consider making your own OAuth file which will appear in the dropdown. This will populate all the information you need and will be discussed in the walkthrough video below. Also the OAuth file I have created for Zendesk is available here and should be placed in the following directory on the machine where Task Factory is installed: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\PragmaticWorks\TaskFactory\OAuth2ConfigFiles

Don’t forget to replace the “{subdomain}” with the correct value for you.

It is important to note that each API will be different in appearances and may use different names for the items you need for this component but each API should have relevant documentation.