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You’ll probably agree that one of the most valuable assets to your company is your customer database. But do you know that bad data in your client addresses can cost you thousands of dollars each year? 4.7% of ecommerce address data is undeliverable as entered by customers and 35% is undeliverable is due to undeliverable addresses. The average company loses $254 per 1,000 pieces of mail returned.

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Not only do addresses with bad data waste your money on postage, they fail to get to your intended target, which can kill the ROI on a direct mail campaign, waste postage sending to multiple versions of the same address, or cost you more to re-ship an item to keep your customers happy. Here’s where Task Factory comes in. Task Factory can help you produce the perfect customer list with clean CAAS-certified addresses.

In our newest update, we’ve added USPS Address Verification. This is a transform that will allow you to connect and accept data from the USPS database of addresses. In addition, you have the option of purchasing a subscription to the USPS database itself. Using Task Factory, there are 3 simple steps to verify and de-duplicate your address database.

Step 1 – Address Parsing – This feature of Task Factory will ensure that all the addresses in your database look the same.

Step 2 – Address Verification – This is the our newest component in Task Factory. This component will check with the USPS database to see if an address is valid in the US. That database is updated monthly and you can automate a schedule for updates on your server.

Step 3 – Fuzzy Group Implementation – This is used to de-duplicate data and catch misspelled words or variants on addresses and customer. You can use this to create a Master Data Management (MDM) system.

This new feature is available with our latest Task Factory Release 2017.3 and will quickly and easily cleanse your address database, saving you time and money. In a consulting project with a client, we used Task Factory to save them $80,000 a month in postage! Contact Pragmatic Works to schedule a personalized demo of the Task Factory features or click the link below to take advantage of our special offer.  

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