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Energy Sustainability in Azure

Ever thought about energy sustainability within your data centers? Data centers, including Azure, account for roughly 2% of...

Moving Data from an On-Prem Database Using Azure Data Factory

Do you want to learn how to move an on-premise database using Azure Data Factory (ADF)? In a recent webinar, Thom Pantazi,...

Sending a Text from Power Apps

For nearly a decade it’s been proven that text marketing is one of the most effective engagement tools a company can use to...

How to Export Power BI Data to Excel

Have you ever had problems with exporting Power BI data to Excel? A recent issue a client ran into was in trying to export...

Power BI Monthly Digest February 2020

Welcome to the first Power BI Monthly Digest of 2020! There were no updates in January so here we are with the latest...

My List of Top Contributors in the Data/BI Community

As I read the many posts from those in the community who I follow, I am reminded that the community brain trust is much...

How to Add a Signature Line to Power Apps

Have you ever wanted to add a signature line to a Power App? In this post, I’ll show you how to add a signature line to a...

Cost Management in Azure

It’s important to effectively plan and control costs for your business. When using Azure products and services, you only...


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