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Azure Threat Protection for Azure SQL Database - Data Categorization (1)

Threat protection and managing sensitive data is of utmost importance today. In this post, I’ll discuss Azure Threat Protection for Azure SQL Database, specifically about the data discovery and classification capability.

SQL Advanced Threat Protection is a unified package for advanced SQL security capabilities including functionality for discovering and classifying sensitive data, managing your databases vulnerabilities and detecting anomalous activities that could indicate a threat to your database. It provides a single go-to location for enabling and managing these capabilities.

Azure Threat Protection provides a set of advanced SQL security abilities including Data Discovery and Classification, which is currently in Preview. Data Discovery and Classification gives you advanced capabilities built into Azure SQL Database for discovery and classifying, as well as labeling and protecting the sensitive data (business, finance, healthcare, PI, etc.) in your databases.

Watch the brief video below for more about what Data Discovery and Classification is, how to define and customize classifications and a demo showing how to classify a SQL Database in Azure.

If you have any questions about Threat Protection for Azure SQL Databases, the Discovery and Classification feature or about anything Azure related, you’re in the right place. Click the link below or contact us—we are here to help no matter where you are on your Azure journey.

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