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R_logo.svg.pngWe are excited to announce our new On-Demand Training course, Introduction to R. Why do you need to learn R? The R Language has grown significantly in popularity and is now used in a variety of professions for data analysis, including software developers, data miners and business analysts.

Your organization is likely to get started using R, if they haven’t already. Learning R should be on your list of things to learn this year. Many ask, is R hard to learn? Not with our course, which takes the time to teach you the fundamentals and then build on to that foundation. We’ll spend time on the core R data structures, like vectors, matrices, arrays and data frames, along with examples.

This course takes a deep dive and covers topics such as how to evaluate data relationships, and before moving into predictive modeling, we’ll do a quick overview of key concepts in statistics. From there, we will walk through the training, testing, and evaluation of a predictive model.

We’ll even cover data quality and how to deal with missing data. The course wraps up by discussing related topics such as scaling R programs, creating R based web applications, and creating dynamic presentations with R Markdown.

Our Intro to R course is designed by Bryan Cafferky, a Microsoft Technical Solutions Professional and an author and expert on these topics. Don’t get left behind as the language of R grows in popularity within many organizations. Our Introduction to R course is just what you need to get you equipped with the skills needed to use R for your data analysis. Visit our website to enroll or sign up for a free trial of our On-Demand Training platform.

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