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Securing Your Network in Azure

One of the things I recommend to clients when they are starting to set up their Azure subscriptions, is to have a basic...

Securing Your Azure Environment in Under 5 Minutes

There are many things to think about when securing an environment, and this is an especially hot topic with the cloud. Many...

Saving Money on Your IAAS Project with Azure

Many customers that we speak to think that when they migrate or lift and shift into Azure that it is a similar set up to...

Can You Do Traditional BI in the Cloud?

With all the focus on cloud and Azure, have you ever wondered if you can run your traditional BI workloads within Azure? You...

Introduction to Azure Storage

When thinking about storage in Azure, there are a couple of options – Azure Blob Storage vs. Azure Data Lake Storage. Today,...

Common Azure AD (Active Directory) Misconceptions

When we start to talk about Azure Active Directory with customers, we find there are a couple of common misconceptions. In...


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