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The Power of "IF" in Power BI

The power of "what if" has been debated, discussed, deployed, and dreamed about for centuries. It's woven into the fabric of...

Time Saving Quick Tips for Power BI Beginners

Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-AThis was a series of commands, a holy "code" that I whispered to myself over and...

A Helpful DAX Function for Power BI Date Tables

Data, especially in the time of quarantine, can make you look REALLY good on paper. Or, on the screen I should say-- or in...

Relating Related Tables in Power BI to Baseball (I Miss Sports)

I miss sports. In particular, I miss baseball.Between learning more Power BI functions and the ins-and-outs of DAX, I've...

A Lesson on Merging Queries in Power BI

This time last year if someone had asked what "merging queries" was, I probably would have thought it described the point...

A Teacher's Journey Into Learning Power BI

First, let me tell you that this won’t be your typical Power BI or tech blog that you usually see. Let me set the scene...It...


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