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Let's Build a Power App Session 4

It’s time for another session of building our check-in Power App for my former school.  This is now session 4 of our series. If...

New Azure Maps Visual in Power BI

Who doesn’t want updates to technology? This guy.  I mean, I love them- they are great – I work for a tech company! Haha. But...

Let's Make a Power App (Round 3)

 It’s time for another session of building our check-in Power App for my former school.  This is now session 3 of our series....

Using Web-Sourced NFL Stats in Data Analysis

Have you ever connected to a web source to do some data analysis? I am sure it's what everyone does in his or her spare time,...

Let's Make a Power App (Round 2)

In this second installment, we will start to build our app.  Now, I will not just guide you click by click of building the app,...

July Power BI Updates

As I write today’s blog, I am just a few hours shy of celebrating with friends and family (socially distanced of course) my...

What is a Power App?

I started my journey of switching careers from a math educator of 16 years over to becoming a technology trainer focused on...

An Update on My Journey to Power BI

It is time for another update on my Power BI Journey which you will soon see has taken a few turns. 

Rocking Chairs, Dolly Parton and Power BI

You're probably wondering about that title, huh? Just stay with me. 

The Power of CALCULATE in Power BI

Last week in my blog and video I discussed how Power BI could have made my life as a teacher much easier.  It is not that Power...

How Power BI Can Make Your Life Easier - I Wish I Knew!

If I knew then what I know now is a timeless adage that is most certainly universal. It is one that keeps popping up in my head

The Power of "IF" in Power BI

The power of "what if" has been debated, discussed, deployed, and dreamed about for centuries. It's woven into the fabric of...

Time Saving Quick Tips for Power BI Beginners

Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-AThis was a series of commands, a holy "code" that I whispered to myself over and over...

A Helpful DAX Function for Power BI Date Tables

Data, especially in the time of quarantine, can make you look REALLY good on paper. Or, on the screen I should say-- or in this...


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