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Time is money. As a developer, I want to code as quickly as possible, and although I know the importance of documentation, it can be a painful chore. "It takes a village to manage a database" ...is NOT how the saying goes, but chances are, there will be times when you're not the only one parsing through your data and environments. Without good documentation, you're going to bog down your fellow programmers and DBAs, and this inefficiency could really cost you at a crucial time in development.

That’s where Pragmatic Works’ DOC xPress comes in. Our documentation software alleviates the pain of documentation, making developers more efficient. DOC xPress will scan all the metadata of your environment and lets you know how things relate to each other, how data moves through steps and will create documentation on how you built that solution. It can also build a data dictionary.

This video demo shows how DOC xPress automates documentation:

  • When you build a solution, use DOC xPress to choose assets inside your solution that you want to document and how you want them to be laid out. Anything from a Hive system to Excel to Tableau or anything in SQL Server. You name it, DOC xPress will document it.
  • Next, choose Snapshot and this metadata snapshot of your ecosystem shows you how things interconnect and stores it in a database, so you can see over time how your environment is changing. Then click on Generate Documentation. You can generate documentation from any point in time in your ecosystem and can generate it to a webpage, Word Doc, CHM or HTML. When generating to HTML, we have a server product where all users can connect to a central server and see the documentation.
  • Not only can you create a profile to document exactly what you want (maybe there’s only a few assets you really care about), but you can also choose to produce it for a specific user, a developer, analyst or auditor, for example.
  • When done, you’ll be able to view the configuration of every piece of how you built your environment. You can go into the components and variables of your package. Besides your packages, you can document cubes, reports, security audits – anything inside of SQL server.

Using DOC xPress, all the things developers hate to do can be automated to do it for them in just a few minutes. No wonder DOC xPress is one of our most popular software products. Let DOC xPress take away the pain of documentation, saving you time and increasing efficiency. Click the link below for a free trial and automate your documentation process today!

DOC xPress Free Trial



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