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back it up

While doing Power Apps training with Pragmatic Works, I usually have a common request after students learn that they can delete records.  Someone will usually state they like the usability of the delete function, but are scared to put a delete button on the screen.  Their concern is someone will hit it by mistake and then the record will be gone forever.  

There are a few ways to fix this issue.  

I did a blog/video several weeks ago that shows how to make a pop-up screen to have your end-user click twice before the record is really deleted.  You can check it out here Deleting Is Scary

In this blog/video, I will show you how you can delete a record from the original source, but then back it up in another data source.

To achieve our solution today we will need to meet the following objectives:

* Have two separate data sources that will contain a table/list with the same number of columns, column headers, data types, etc.

*Display our original records in a gallery in the Power App

 *Have an icon attached to each record in our gallery for our end user to select which will delete the record as well as

*Use the function PATCH to insert a new record that is not coming from a Power Apps form.

Use the function REMOVE to delete an existing record

 To see all these steps in action check out the DEMO VIDEO here.


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