In last week's blog/video, I showcased how you can use the patch function to create a record without using the preset forms in Power Apps.  


In this week's blog/video, I go a little further with it. One problem that arises with the Patch function is that the old values will still be populated in your input controls.  So I want to show you how to wipe those out and set them back to the default blank values.  We will use variables and the UpdateContext command attached to the OnVisible property of the screen where the input controls are.


To go even further this week, I also want to show you how to enable/disable a button.  I've come across scenarios where we don't want the user to hit the submit button on a form or a patch command unless there is data in the input controls.  So I will walk you throw how to set up that action as well this week using the If and IsBlank functions.



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