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LegiTest.jpgBad data is an epidemic. You probably know by now that the answer to bad data is testing. The major benefit of testing your data and data-centric applications is gaining confidence in your data, and confidence in your data leads to better business decisions. To make testing easier, we created LegiTest, an automated data testing tool which helps stop bad data by validating your results from development to production. 

LegiTest can serve the entire SQL stack, from SQL Server to SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and more! In this demo, I’ll show you how easy it is build a test using the SSRS Report Execution Wizard. If you are interested in following along, you can use your own SSRS reports, as well as your free trial of LegiTest from either LegiTest.com or PragmaticWorks.com.

  • For this demo, I started with an active report on my host server and I’m going to be targeting a specific value in a specific column.
  • My test goal is to ensure that every time I run this report, that exact value is returned.
  • To start, open a new instance of Visual Studio.
  • I go to Visual C# and LegiTest Project.
  • Click on OK and LegiTest begins to build it out for me. *On a side note, I already went through and used Notepad ++ to get the specific XML path for that item. I recommend you use the report itself and not the HTML version.
  • I right click on my test group and add a new test – in this case, an SSRS Execute Report Wizard.
  • I type in my server address and put in my initial path in the Higher Ed Folder (which is an educational environment that you can get from LegiTest.com).
  • I select the report I want, as well as any parameters (in this example I don’t have any).
  • Then I want to specify the value I’m searching for, so I put in the XML path I grabbed earlier and my expected value that I want to test.
  • Lastly, click Finish and go to Build Solution. That will build the C# code behind the test.

I created this test without having to write a single line of C#. I pointed LegiTest in the right direction and gave it the value I wanted. If I ever want to edit the values (such as Comparison Type or my Tolerance), I can go into the initial test and edit it with just a few clicks in the LegiTest properties tab.

That’s how quick and easy it is to build an SSRS test inside LegiTest. Invest a short amount of time to build tests using LegiTest, and you’ll be on your way to stopping bad data in your environment and making more confident business decisions. Want to learn more? Go to LegiTest.com where there are walkthroughs to allow you to set up some tests in minutes. Or visit pragmaticworks.com for more info on all our software, training and more.

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