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In our recent webinar, Brian Knight, John Welch and the Pragmatic Works Software Team announced the newest releases of Task Factory, BI xPress and LegiTest. Here's a recap of some of the new features and enhancements in our suite of tools that can help you improve your data solutions.

Task Factory

The biggest update to Task Factory is the new File Gateway Task. The File Gateway Task enables you to validate that a text file contains the expected information in the expected format prior to using it. This task validates row count, column values, headers, footers, file sizes and more to ensure good extractions. 


Read more about the File Gateway Task and see a demo here

Additional Task Factory Enhancements:

  • SharePoint Document Task: Check-in and check-out a file on SharePoint with this updated feature.

  • Upsert Destination Task: Upsert Error Row Redirection is now supported in this task.

Full Task Factory Release Notes

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BI xPress Server

The updated BI xPress Server System Dashboard is customizable overview of the health of your environment. Create tiles to monitor your ETL processes and keep an eye on your system coverage. Each tile represents an important fact that you indicate and is concise and actionable.


Additional BI xPress Enhancements:

  • Monitoring Console: Row counts for data flows are now displayed in the Monitoring Console.

  • Notification Engine: Collections are now supported in the Notification Engine in the Server edition allowing you to do more with the Notification Engine through the collection of values like multiple detail rows and multiple errors.

Full BI xPress Server Release Notes

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The addition of the Interactive Comparison Editor makes building compares tests in LegiTest even faster and easier. When comparing data from two sources, the Interactive Comparison Editor lets you easily preview your results to that you can ensure they are set up exactly the way you want them.


Additional LegiTest and LegiTest Server Enhancements:

  • Tag Test Items: With this feature, you can now tag items and filter your dashboard in LegiTest Server. You can go into a dashboard and add a tag value to a test, then filter the dashboard based on those tags. You'll have a customized view that is relevant to the test you’re interested in.

  • Business Metadata: You can now add additional info to the test, like a description of what the test is actually doing and any recommended resolution tasks.

  • Status Tile: Tag display results of specific tests and use the tags to filter what shows up in system coverage in LegiTest Server.

  • Export: Export result grids to Excel to view and manipulate in LegiTest Server.

  • Test Suite Notifications: Test suite notifications can now include the actual error details so you can quickly determine if you need to visit the Server version of BI xPress.

Full LegiTest Release Notes

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We're always working to improve our products to empower your business's data solutions. Our development team is already hard at work on our fall release. Stay tuned for more updates! 


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