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Our team is always striving to improve and innovate our entire suite of products. In our Fall 2016 release, LegiTest, LegiTest Server, Task Factory, DOC xPress, BI xPress and BI xPress Server have notable updates to help improve your data solutions. Here are some highlights of the new features and enhancements in our suite of tools:


We've officially launched LegiTest.com! Our new site centers around how LegiTest helps stop bad data by validating your results from development to production — giving you confidence in your reports. 

In this latest update, LegiTest now supports Data-Driven TestingThis feature allows you to set up a test logic once and make it dynamic using parameters. Then you can execute the test multiple times across a large number of scenarios using input data from a variety of sources (including any ADO.NET source, SalesForce or REST Web Sources). This reduction in coding time allows for greater productivity and efficiency with LegiTest. 

Additional LegiTest Enhancements:

  • Azure SQL DB: LegiTest now offers support for Azure SQL Database in the Query Editor, in addition to on-premise SQL Server.

  • Comparison EditorUsability improvements have also been made to the Comparison Editor, including indicators for code completion and editor connection, as well as a Run Query toolbar button for each query editor.

  • AnnotationsThe Annotations User Interface has been improved to make it easier to use and to include support for Markdown for richer formatting when displayed on the server.


Full LegiTest Release Notes

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LegiTest Server

LegiTest Server's Notification Engine Integration underwent some major upgrades for this release. The new Enhanced Notifications now include detailed data from comparisons and validations. Furthermore, the following additions were made to the Notification Engine Targets: 

Notification Providers.png

  • VSTS Work Items: Work items in Visual Studio Team Services can now be automatically created by the Notification Engine.

  • Run Executables: In response to a notification, the Notification Engine can run an executable on the server. 

  • URI GETs/POSTs/PUTs: The Notification Engine can now be used to interact with HTTP APIs. The payload can be configured using the standard templating engine. Basic authentication, OAUTH1 and OAUTH2 are supported. This update also applies to BI xPress Server.

Additional LegiTest Server Enhancements:

  • Role-Based SecurityImplementation of role-based security to manage access to LegiTest Server actions based on roles. Access to tests can also be managed by roles and tags.

  • Test Management Page: The Test Management Page allows users to manage parameters, scheduled tasks, tags and certain actions, all on one page.

  • LegiTest Server DashboardThe LegiTest Server Dashboard is now the LegiTest Server Summary page. Clicking on a failed test from the Summary page will take you directly to the details of the failed assert. Additionally, tags are now listed on the right of the Summary page:

LegiTest Summary Page.png

Full LegiTest Server Release Notes

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Task Factory

We're very excited to announce a trio of new Excel tasks in Task Factory. Excel Source will allow you to read an Excel worksheet and send the rows into a data flow using OpenXML. 

Excel Source.png 

Excel Destination supports writing data flows into Excel files in the OpenXML format. Support for style and formatting has also been added to Excel destination columns.

Excel Destination2.png

The Excel Connection Manager supports the new source and destination without requiring the use of the Microsoft JET drivers.

Additional Task Factory Enhancements:

Full Task Factory Release Notes

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DOC xPress

The Tableau Provider in DOC xPress now includes lineage analysis Tableau reports connected to SQL Server databases. It also downloads and extracts additional information from worksheets and data sources. Tableau Server 10.0 and Rest API versions 2.3, 2.2 and 2.1 are supported. 


Additional DOC xPress Enhancements:

  • DocumentationPermission requirements have been added for snapshotting the SSIS Catalog to the documentation.

  • Snapshot TimestampSnapshot Timestamps no longer update when no changes are detected. If changes are not detected in a shapshot, the view will show “All items up-to-date.”

Full DOC xPress Release Notes

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BI xPress

The Auditing Framework in BI xPress now gives you the ability to apply and remove the frameworks to packages in the SSIS catalog. This feature will give you more flexibility to work with packages already deployed.

Full BI xPress Release Notes

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BI xPress Server

The Monitoring Console's Control Flows now support precedence constraints for nested tasks such as Sequence Container, ForEach Container and more. Also, tasks and components can now be moved around freely on the page in order to get a better view of some clustered items.


The Notification Engine now supports collections. This update allows you to do more with the Notification Engine through the collection of values like multiple detail rows and multiple errors. 

Full BI xPress Server Release Notes

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We're always working to improve our products to empower your business's data solutions. Our development team is already hard at work on our 2017.1 release. Stay tuned for more updates! 

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