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If you’re looking to learn about the capabilities and core elements of Power BI and what it can do for you and your business, our new FREE Dashboard in a Day course is one you’ll want to take. Yes, we said free.

If Dashboard in a Day sounds familiar, it’s because this is an official Microsoft offering that occurs all over the country and is traditionally taught live, in-person. To register to attend these mini-sessions with Microsoft, you can go to their site and look for locations of their Dashboard in a Day classes.

But, for many, it can be difficult to take an entire day out of work to attend these classes in order to learn this technology. That’s why Pragmatic Works has brought all the elements of this class in a virtual package, making it easy to explore all the info and labs that are involved in Microsoft’s Dashboard in a Day.

This is an intensive, lab focused class. You have the option to take our beginning classes and once you’ve completed these, you can do the labs on your own, as your time allows. Our recordings go through every step within the lab itself with some additional discussion points.

The whole purpose of Dashboard in a Day is to understand the capabilities and core concepts of Power BI and what it can do for you and your organization. If you need a more expanded look at the tool or a more in-depth focus on specific elements, we’re here for that too.

Our On-Demand Training platform has over 10 additional Power BI courses that focus on individual pieces of Power BI to expand your knowledge in those areas. Courses such as: Intro and Advanced Power BI, Intro and Advanced DAX, Power BI for Consumers and Data Storytelling.

But for a quick, focused look at Power BI and what it can do for you, then our Dashboard in a Day course is an awesome resource available to you – in a virtual offering to take when you want to, without missing a day of work.

Click below or visit our website to register for this FREE 7+ hour course. Power BI is taking the world by storm, don’t get left behind.

Free Dashboard in a Day Course

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