Jon B.-2Data Governance has slowly crept into the limelight, and for good reason. With upcoming mandates on Data Privacy, having a Data Governance framework in place will support and fortify your efforts to becoming a Data Driven organization. In a recent webinar, Jon Bloom, shows how you can easily apply Row Level Security and Data Masking to your Azure SQL Database.

You will learn the 3 things to focus on to create organized, consistent and proper handling of an organization's data to ensure accuracy trusted by the enterprise:

  • People – you’ll learn the responsibilities of key roles for data governance: Data Steward, Data Custodian and the Chief Data Officer – which is an important new role in mid to large size organizations.
  • Processes – the centralized steps to ensure data is stored, processed, archived and protected.
  • Information Technology – applications and tools to govern content and metadata.

From here the webinar moves to Master Data Management (MDM), which is a method used to define and manage the critical data of an organization to provide data integration and a single point of reference. MDM streamlines data sharing among personnel and departments. Also reviewed is Master Data Management tools and transmission of data through processes of data consolidation, data federation and data propagation.

Next, Jon delves into Regulatory Compliance including GDPR, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and US Data Protection Law. Azure security offers 3 levels of protection:

  • Security 1: Protect the Data
  • Security 2: Control Access
  • Security 3: Monitor Activity

The webinar wraps up with a demo on Row Level Security in Azure SQL DB and Dynamic Data Masking in Azure SQL DB. If you’re looking to implement a Data Governance framework, this webinar is for you. Watch it below. To view the presenter’s slides, click here.

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