We're excited to announce the early release of our Interactive Dashboards with Excel ! This course is for data analysts, data wranglers, spreadsheet developers and managers looking to design work for decision makers.ExcelDashboard-1.jpg

The Interactive Dashboards with Excel course will teach you how to present data to leadership so they can ask questions of the data and make decisions quickly. In addition, this course covers theoretical concepts like data visualization and how to build spreadsheets so they’re always fast, transparent, feature-rich, and extensible. By the end of this course, you will feel confident knowing the best chart to use to present based on the data you have, and you’ll be able to turn around dashboards and charts more quickly than before. While the topics in this course may seem advanced, they’ll be presented to you in a friendly manner — and lessons are designed such that you’ll be able to apply the material immediately to your own work before finishing the course. Learn more about this course by watching this 2-minute video by Devin Knight:


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