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Pragmatic Works is continually working to add new features to make our software products even better. We have released hundreds of updates this year, but here we discuss what we consider our top five from the first half of 2017:

#5 – DOC xPress – Lineage Updates

One of the great features of DOC xPress is about lineage and impact analysis, which allows you to trace how data gets into a certain field. With some of the big ecosystems, the diagrams can become unmanageable. With our new feature, we created an easier way for you to export lineage into a more usable format. You can also now export lineage as text. In addition, lineage has been updated to support Azure hosted Analysis Services and you can do lineage through agent jobs.

This new feature of DOC xPress is key for European businesses who are focusing on the GDPR compliance regulation that goes into effect in May 2018. GDPR focuses on privacy restrictions and it’s important to know where your data is going inside your ecosystem.  

#4 – Workbench Server – System Status

This feature gives you a complete status update of your BI system. This system status dashboard takes the lineage information you have and gives you a way to see all the tests or packages that have failed while sending data between servers.

#3 – LegiTest – Error Suppression and Hyperlink

With this LegiTest feature, you can now suppress known failures to reduce false positives for easier and more accurate reporting. Users can now also hyperlink items in their test results to the systems being tested for faster remediation. This feature makes for a much faster, easier way to get to a failure/error point to fix the garbage coming into your system.

#2 – Task Factory – REST Destination

About a year ago, we released our REST source, one of our most popular sources due to its flexibility to connect to any RESTful web service such as Salesforce, QuickBooks or Google Analytics. We had many request from users to create a way to send data to RESTful APIs. We created REST destination to do just that. You can now quickly and easily create anything from webinars to records in Salesforce to send to any RESTful API.

#1 – LegiTest – File Support

This feature was a customer request. LegiTest works as a production check to let you know that all your data from your source matches the data in your destination. But what about flat files? Users now have a full set of options when working with flat files data in LegiTest, including the ability to filter the data from flat files and source multiple files from a directory. LegiTest not only enhances your data quality, but also your productivity by automating processes.

You can also click here to view our help documentation for a complete list of updates by product.

To learn more, you can follow our help file links below to take you through all the updates and fixes. Pragmatic Works will also be hosting a Launch Party on May 24th at 1:00, where we will go over details of these releases, as well as others, and you’ll have a chance to talk to our developers and our VP of Software, John Welch. Click here below to join our Launch Party.

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