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While conducting training with Power Apps, one of the most common questions I receive from those in attendance is does Power Apps have the ability to filter what records your end-users sees. The simple answer is yes!  The more complicated answer is there are MANY different ways to apply filters.  You can apply security filters, you can have users select the filters they want within the app, and you can hardcode in specific filters as well.

In this week’s video, I showcase how to use the Filter command on a gallery of records to hardcode what records your end-user is allowed to see.  I then showcase how you can insert a drop-down box that gives your end-user the flexibility to filter the records they are viewing.  There can be some extra steps you have to take based on what kind of column you are working with from your data source so I make sure to address that in this week’s video.

In the coming week’s I will be addressing some of the more advanced filtering methods, but for now, this is a great tool to add to your arsenal for any Power Apps developer.


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