In this module you will learn how to use the Horizontal Bar Chart. The Horizontal Bar Chart is similar to the native Bar Chart but with a few additional customizations that can be configured.

Module 111– Horizontal Bar Chart


Key Takeaways

  • Similar to the native Bar Chart but with additional customizations.
  • Allows for overlapping measure values.


This Horizontal Bar Chart shows the state of Oklahoma’s spending.

Under the Format paintbrush you will find there are several customizations that you can enable for this visual.

  • Using the Clear Filters on Background Click, you can determine if clicking in the background of the visual clears filters.


  • Changing the Font Size section allows you to pass in a specific font size you want for the chart. If you do not specify, the font size is dynamically changed based on the bar height.


  • Using the Blend(Experimental) section, you can choose from several preconfigured views of the chart.


  • Using the Bar Settings section, you can adjust settings like opacity and colors of the bar chart.


  • Under the Bar Labels you can adjust the color of the labels on the chart.


  • The Align Right section can right align all the bar labels.


  • The Bar Height section allows you to adjust the height of each bar in the bar chart.


  • Under the Bar Shape section the bar chart can show different shapes like Hammer Head, Lollipop, Line, or Bar.


You can also adjust the background color, add a border around the visual and lock the aspect ratio under the Format section.

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