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Power BI Mapping

Pragmatic Works
By Pragmatic Works - July 27 2018

free training with Nick LeeLooking to learn more about Power BI Mapping? In a recent webinar, Nick Lee explored utilizing maps to their full potential in Power BI. He reviewed the many different mapping tools we have at our disposal, as well how to optimize map usage. There are several types of Power BI Maps, including:

  • Maps
  • Fill Map
  • Shapes Map, ArcGIS Map
  • 10+ custom visual maps.

We primarily use maps to organize sales and production by geographical areas. They are also crucial when trying to chart geographical trends and gain geographical insights. Maps in Power BI Desktop all use Bing Maps, so you must be connected to the internet to use this tool.

It is always important to follow best practices for Power BI Maps. These include using hierarchies, such as premade fields and ad hoc hierarchies, combining fields using DAX or Query Editor, and applying data categorizations. Using hierarchies is the first step in creating less ambiguous data. Watch the full webinar below.

To view Nick’s slides from the webinar, click here. Need more training? Visit our training page to learn more about our free training, On-Demand Training, and in-person training on topics ranging from Azure, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Big Data, Power BI and more.

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