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Understanding what needs to happen to your report after it is created is critical. Our Power BI Service Administration class is custom designed to guide you through the process of what to do with your Power BI reports after you have created them.

  • Who is this class designed for?
Class is meant for users who are working in the Cloud Services side of Power BI. We will focus on what you should do with your reports after they are created, including how the report gets deployed and where it should be deployed to.
  •  What skills are needed for this class?
There are no prerequisites for this class. You only need an account with Power BI and access to the Power BI admin portal.
  •  Why is understanding the Cloud Services and administration side of Power BI important?
Having a strong grasp on the levels of security, how things should be organized and what should be maintained in your solution is pivotal to your organization’s success. This becomes especially important as your organization grows and adds more users.
  •  What are the key takeaways from this course?
This class is structured for the administration for the Cloud Services piece of Power BI. After completing this course, you will understand and know how to create work spaces, manage apps, maintain security and much more.

If you are exploring the possibilities for what you can do with your Power BI reports after you create them, this class has the answers you're looking for. Discover how deployment works, proper deployment procedures and crucial security measures in Pragmatic Works' Power BI Service Administration class.

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