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Resolution of a Managed Instance Deployment Issue from the Microsoft Product GroupA few weeks ago, I posted about an issue I had with a cancelled deployment of my managed instance. Today, I want to follow up on how the Microsoft Product Group helped me to get to a resolution.

Going back to the beginning, after I cancelled the deployment of my managed instance, I wanted to remove that from my subscription. I received an error message and it basically it would not allow me to remove that virtual network and the resource group from my subscription.

My next step was opening a support ticket with Microsoft Azure Product Group and I received an email confirming issues with my deployment. I’m glad I did as there were some things they needed to do behind the scenes before I could delete that resource group from my Azure environment. So, if you get a similar error message, I recommend you open a ticket to get that behind the scenes process moving.

Once Microsoft completed the steps on their end and alerted me, I was able to delete my resource group and the virtual network. If you watch the video included here, I’ll show you how.

One thing to remember, Managed Instances are still in GA and we may have a few bumps in the road, but it’s getting better. However, I can tell you that my experience with the Product Group was exceptional and I have been impressed with any of the Azure tickets I’ve had to open.

So, if you have to open one, be assured that the team is stellar and will help fix your issue or if they can’t, they’ll refer you to the right person who can.

If you have questions or want to learn more about any Azure related product or service or how to get started with Azure, click the link below or contact us. Our Azure experts are here to help you no matter where you are on your Azure journey.

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