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legitest-logo.pngFrom calendar alerts to information about our day, notifications allow us to never miss a thing. But what about in our work environment? Imagine it's closing time on a Friday and you execute a package or test knowing it will take hours, and leave for the weekend. What happens when it's Monday morning, you walk in expecting your results and see an error occurred moments after you left for the weekend? This situation can happen to anyone. Not only is it a huge waste of time, but it can be avoided.

This is where LegiTest comes in. Notifications are just another area where LegiTest shines as an integral part of test driven development. You can leverage the server side of LegiTest to add notifications to your tests and stop worrying about failures you can't avoid.  

In this demo, I’ll show you that with a few simple notification set-up steps, you can create a notification name, which will be given a unique notification ID automatically by LegiTest. Then you choose the severity, add filters and put in the email you want the notification to be sent to.

So anytime you run a test through LegiTest that you set up as an event, you will receive an error report sent to your inbox. The error email will show what tests failed with a detailed error report, even the machine name it originated from.

By leveraging the Notification Engine feature in LegiTest, you can stay on top of your data driven development tests. To learn more about this feature, as well as the other fantastic features and benefits of LegiTest,visit our website and sign up for a free trial today. Use LegiTest to help ease the development process.

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