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Over the years, our customers have come to know Pragmatic Works as true experts in developing uniquely powerful ETL solutions through Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Our industry experts have worked in countless customer environments, each with their own challenging data integration needs. Our consultants, who are NOT shy :), often tell us about their experiences and their long wish lists: "If only I could validate that a text file contained the expected information in the expected format before it completes" or "Man, I wish there was a way to conditionally update or insert data faster than I can today."

All of this feedback is what has helped us continue to build Task Factory, which now features over 60 custom SSIS components and tasks. Most of our customers see Task Factory as a "no-brainer" whenever working with SSIS. In fact, a great deal of our Task Factory business stems from those that work on short-term contracts and simply make it a part of their every day development practices wherever they go.

We've recently worked with the good folks at the University of Calgary, who initially had concerns about leveraging SSIS as an enterprise solution. Their concerns around performance, customization and maintainability had them second guessing the move. The team was determined to find a solution to "supercharge" SSIS into the ETL solution they dearly needed.

“For our purposes, Task Factory takes SSIS from a generic data integration tool to a true data warehouse solution,” said Gabriel Grey, Senior Business Intel Developer, Enterprise Reporting at The University of Calgary. “We are confident that it will continue to fulfill our ETL requirements for a long time to come." 

"Task Factory takes #SSIS from a generic data integration tool to a true data warehouse solution" http://bit.ly/2cViU7g



At the heart of The University of Calgary’s new code base is the Dimension Merge SCD Transform, which has helped them to avoid the sluggish, hard to maintain Slowly Changing Dimension component included within SSIS. They have also made extensive use of other features such as Upsert Destination, SharePoint Source/Destination, Advanced Derived Column and Expression Task

“I can say with confidence that halfway into the conversion effort, it has been one of our smartest and most cost-effective software acquisitions in recent memory,” said Grey

Read the entire story of how Task Factory helped The University of Calgary transform SSIS into a true data warehouse solution in our new case study:

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