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We get it, different areas (IT, accounting, finance, etc.) within your business can get backlogged. Maybe you have a backlog of sales orders that need to be filled, stacks of financing paperwork to be processed or reports that need to be created. In a recent webinar, Nick Lee discusses the tips and tricks our team uses for managing Power BI report backlog and shows how you can prioritize requests.

Backlogs can have implications for stakeholders because these backlogs may have an impact on a business' future earnings as they show a department has an existing workload that exceeds the current production capacity of a firm or department. However, there needs to bit of a balancing act with workloads. If you never have an excess of work to be completed, maybe you're overstaffed or your resources are redundant, but if you are overloaded with work and you can't meet deadlines, maybe you're understaffed. 

There are processes and tools to help to keep backlogs in control and in balance. The webinar begins with discussing the agile development process for dealing with backlog; one of the most important processes to learn about if you don’t already have it in place. If you have backlog issues, you want to come up with a plan to not only fix your current backlog but also to put a plan in place to optimize your backlogs. Agile development is a good place to start.

He also talks about the roles required to ensure an agile development process is implemented properly and how to organize the roles and process of a backlog development team. Although your backlog process must be created for how it works best for your business, there are tools like such as Google Docs/Sheets or SharePoint that can help with managing backlog. Nick spends time on these tools, but he focuses on the latest and greatest tool for backlogs, Azure DevOps, including a demo of using this great new tool.

The remainder of the session focusing on common Power BI backlogging issues and tips and tricks to ease the backlog process within Power BI. This includes using certified/promoted datasets and Power BI Dataflows.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with backlog in your business and need some tips on how to reduce backlog issues, this webinar is for you. You can watch the complete webinar below and to view the presenter’s slides, click here.



One way Pragmatic Works can help with report backlog is with our Shared Development offering,where we can give you a developer on-demand at a fraction of what you would pay for a full-time developer. 

We can set you up with new expert development time, for a week or each month or a year, whatever your need may be, with the same developer plus 8-hours of support on-demand. We can help you ease the burden of report backlog—click the link below or contact us to learn more about this incredible offering. 


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