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Azure Data Factory v2 Parameter Passing: Linked Services
Sometimes I get so involved in my repeatable processes and project management that I forget to look up.  Such is the case...
Azure Data Week - Azure Data Factory - Data Movement To and In the Cloud

In his Azure Data Week session, Azure Data Factory - Movement to and in the Cloud, Chris Seferlis takes us through a...

Azure Data Factory - Lookup Activity

In the next few posts of my Azure Data Factory series I want to focus on a couple of new activities. Specifically the Lookup,

Azure Data Factory v2 Parameter Passing
Summary of the Matter: Parameter passing in ADFv2 had a slight change in the summer of 2018.   Microsoft modified how...
Building Dynamic Pipelines in Azure Data Factory v2

In case you’re not aware, Azure Data Factory v2 has now been generally released. In a recent webinar, hosted by Mitchell...

Azure Data Factory Lookup and Stored Procedure

In today’s post I’d like to talk about Azure Data Factory and the difference between the lookup and stored procedure...

Azure Data Factory V2 in GA and New Features

Today I’m excited to talk about the general availability of Azure Data Factory V2, as well as some new features that have...

Developing Packages for SSIS in Azure Data Factory V2

In yesterday’s post I introduced you to Azure Data Factory Version 2 (ADF V2) and the visual tools that were added. Today,...

Azure Data Factory V2 Visual Design Tools

In today’s post I’d like to tell you about Azure Data Factory Version 2 (ADF V2). If you’re familiar with the first version...


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