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Azure Data Factory - Lookup Activity

In the next few posts of my Azure Data Factory series I want to focus on a couple of new activities. Specifically the Lookup,

Azure Data Factory - Stored Procedure Activity

Welcome to part two of my blog series on Azure Data Factory. In the first post I discussed the get metadata activity in...

Azure Data Factory - Execute Pipelines in Sequence

When I’m working with Azure Data Factory, I often find some design tips that I like to share with the Azure community. If...

Performance Techniques for SSIS in Azure Data Factory

If you’re new to using integration services within Azure Data Factory, you may notice at times it takes a bit longer for...

Azure Data Factory - Get Metadata Activity

Welcome to part one of a new blog series I am beginning on Azure Data Factory. In this first post I am going to discuss the...

Sharing Integration Runtimes Among Azure Data Factories

In this post I’ll talk about self-hosted integration runtimes and the ability to share them across Data Factories and tell...

Can Azure Data Factory Read Excel Files from Data Lake?

Today’s post is in response to a question I was recently asked. It’s about using Azure Data Lake Store with Azure Data...

Nesting ForEach Loops in Data Factory

If you’re working in Azure Data Factory or are just starting out with it, today I’m here with a quick design tip when it...

Parallel Processing in Azure Data Factory

If you’re using Azure Data Factory and make use of a ForEach activity in your data pipeline, in this post I’d like to tell...

Reusable Data Factory Copy Activity

We are all looking for ways to save time, right? Today, I want to tell you about a time saving feature of the Azure Data...


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