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Building a Real-Time Report with Power BI and Common Data Services

Want to learn how to build a real-time Power BI report with Common Data Services? In this short video, I’ll show you how to...

Power Apps Licensing Guide

How do you know which Power Apps license is best for you? This is one of the most common questions asked when we are...

Let's Make a Power App (Round 3)

 It’s time for another session of building our check-in Power App for my former school.  This is now session 3 of our...

Pragmatic Works Helps Cellular Retailer Save Over $1 Million a Month with Power Apps

In today’s unstable marketplace, when next month can be too late, getting the apps you need when you need them is critical....

What is a Power App?

I started my journey of switching careers from a math educator of 16 years over to becoming a technology trainer focused on...

An Update on My Journey to Power BI

It is time for another update on my Power BI Journey which you will soon see has taken a few turns. 

How to Refresh Power Apps Data Sources on a Timer

It’s easy to refresh a data set in Power Apps by just hitting the refresh button. But have you ever wanted to refresh Power...

Using Power Apps Solution Packager to Move Apps to New Environments

Did you know that you can package a Power Apps solution for distribution to another environment or an external customer?...


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