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An Update on My Journey to Power BI

It is time for another update on my Power BI Journey which you will soon see has taken a few turns. 

How to Refresh Power Apps Data Sources on a Timer

It’s easy to refresh a data set in Power Apps by just hitting the refresh button. But have you ever wanted to refresh Power...

Using Power Apps Solution Packager to Move Apps to New Environments

Did you know that you can package a Power Apps solution for distribution to another environment or an external customer?...

Saving Power Apps User Preferences Across Sessions

Do you want to learn how to save user preferences, like the colors they want or hiding a tutorial screen across sessions in...

Power Apps UI Design Tips to Make Your Apps Pop

Want to take your Power Apps user interfaces to the next level? In this video, I’ll share some great UI tips to do just...

Increasing Business Agility Using Power Platform

Do you want to learn how to increase business agility using Power Platform? In this recent webinar by Pragmatic Works...

Using and Securing Power Apps Environments

One question I’m often asked is about environments. What are they, how do we set one up and how do we secure it? Along with ...

Power Apps Portals Entity Lists and Record Level Security

Want to learn how to show a Common Data Services (CDS) entity on a Power App Portal? In this video I’ll explain how to show...

Use Power Query Builder to Cut Power BI Development Time

Power Query Builder is a great tool inside of Power BI. In this post I’d like to discuss using the Power Query Builder to...

5 UI Design Best Practices for Power Apps

Are you just starting out with Power Apps and find some of the UI styling a bit daunting? These challenges may leave you...


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