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Automating Your ETL - Creating a SQL Agent Job

The amount of data companies receive is growing larger all the time. Oftentimes, manual executing is just not efficient....

Comparing Different Versions of SQL Server with BI xPress

There are many versions of SQL Server, with each new iteration containing additional features and bug fixes over Microsoft’s...

Troubleshooting SSIS & SSRS Without Getting Lost in Logs

Did your SSIS package go "bump" in the night? Oftentimes it can be difficult, and time consuming, to troubleshoot in SSIS...

What's Going On in December?

Happy Holidays to all! This month, we're in the spirit of saving. December kicks off with our On-Demand Training Sale,...

Inspect Your Environment for Best Practices Adherence with BI xPress

We get it, you’ve got all kinds of data packages and projects running across your environment; how can you ensure these are...

Quickly and Easily Generate Test Data with BI xPress

Searching, managing, maintaining, and generating test data takes time. Data preparation is a time-consuming phase of the...

Increase Developer Productivity with BI xPress

Developers are always looking for ways to save time and increase productivity. Wouldn’t it be great to have tools that would...

Finding Errors in Packages Easily with BI xPress

'Are you sure it's not working? It was working just fine on my computer.' Sound familiar?

Errors are a part of production,...

New Software Release 2017.3

At Pragmatic Works, we are constantly working to enhance and update our software to make it even better. A common question...


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