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Importance of Providing Staffing Post Placement Support

In an earlier blog post, we discussed how hard it is to find the right candidate for placement for data and IT roles. Once a...

Why Analytics Now?

Analytics allows us to look ahead to the future. Your business will be more profitable and insightful by preparing for the...

Opportunities for Your Business Are in the Cloud

If you aren’t using cloud solutions for your business data yet, then you are missing the boat. There are many opportunities to...

Use Pragmatic Works to Avoid Staffing Traps

We get it, you’re trying to move forward with transformative initiatives for 2017, but you’re not sure your team has the skills...

Successful Enterprise BI Migration

Would you like to explore the opportunities that Enterprise BI Migration might mean for your business? Does your business plan...

How to Implement Successful BI Solutions

Maybe you’re in the process of creating a BI, data warehouse or data platform solution for your business. Or maybe you’ve hit a...

The Best Method for Adoption in Your BI Reporting and Analytics Projects

Is adoption in your BI reporting and analytics projects a struggle for you and your team? Adoption can be a struggle for even...

Digital Transformation - The 3 Priorities of CIOs for 2017

Digital transformation is, or should be, at the top of every organization’s priority list this year. When it comes to digital...


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