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Cosmos DB - The Fastest Growing Azure Service

Here’s a fact: Cosmos DB is one of the fastest growing Azure services ever. Many of our customers say, we have SQL Server or...

Should You Use Cosmos DB?

As data volumes continue to grow and we’re storing more data and more kinds of data, people are asking questions about how...

Building an Azure Learning Plan

Azure is a hot technology right now and a big focus for us here at Pragmatic Works. Our consultants do Azure projects across...

Cosmos DB: Request Units

In this post about Cosmos DB, I’d like to dive into what Requests Units are and what it means to work with them in Cosmos. A...

Cosmos DB: Consistency Levels

To continue with my topic of Cosmos DB this week, today I’ll discuss the data consistency models that are supported within...

Cosmos DB - Multi Model Database

Today I’d like to walk through the multi model database portion of Cosmos DB and explain what multi model means to you....

Global Databases: Cosmos DB vs Azure SQL Database

Do you need the ability of global distribution of your data and wonder which database is the best for this? Today, I’d like...

What is Azure Cosmos DB?

Are you familiar with Azure Cosmos DB? Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database. With the click...


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