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SentryOne Acquires Pragmatic Works Software

We have some exciting news to share with you! We want our loyal customers to be one of the first to know that Pragmatic...

Welcome to the Workbench - DOC xPress Server

The server version of Pragmatic Workbench contains DOC xPress Server, which gives you all the power of DOC xPress, through a...

Use DOC xPress Snapshot Compare to Find Changes in Your Environment

"What happened to my code? My expressions all worked last night!" Sound familiar?

For many developers and DBAs, this is all...

New Software Release 2017.3

At Pragmatic Works, we are constantly working to enhance and update our software to make it even better. A common question...

Automate Your Documentation With DOC xPress

Time is money. As a developer, I want to code as quickly as possible, and although I know the importance of documentation,...

The Benefits of Data Lineage and Impact Analysis with DOC xPress

Let's face it - data is the lifeblood of any company. And for SQL Developers and DBAs, knowing the relationships and origins...

Customer Story: The Benefit of Data Lineage with DOC xPress

A lack of data lineage can cause issues with compliance by not knowing where your data is coming from or going to. It can...

Data Lineage and Documentation: How Changes Effect Your Environment

As a data professional, you understand the importance of data documentation, but most people hate doing it, or even worse,...

How Our Software Suite Works with Azure

We often get a lot of similar questions about our software suite. One of the most common questions is: Do any of your...


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