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Power BI Monthly Digest March 2020

Welcome to the March edition of our Power BI Monthly Digest where we look at the new releases and updates in Power BI! As...

Using COVID-19 Data in Power BI to Understand Global and Business Impacts

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has made for some very challenging times. It is affecting us personally with our families and of...

Correlating Coronavirus Outbreaks with Business Data Using Power BI

At the time of this post, the world is dealing with a serious health and economic crisis. The COVID-19, Coronavirus, is...

How to Export Power BI Data to Excel

Have you ever had problems with exporting Power BI data to Excel? A recent issue a client ran into was in trying to export...

Power BI Monthly Digest February 2020

Welcome to the first Power BI Monthly Digest of 2020! There were no updates in January so here we are with the latest...

My List of Top Contributors in the Data/BI Community

As I read the many posts from those in the community who I follow, I am reminded that the community brain trust is much...

Power BI in the Enterprise - A Conversation with Asgeir Gunnarsson

As I continue to explore and develop best practices for managing serious business-scale Power BI solutions, I’m having...

Introducing the Power BI Activity Log API

Are you still using Office 365 Audit Log to track activity in Power BI? Let me tell you about a better way. The new Power BI...


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