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Custom Libraries in Databricks

This week's Databricks post in our mini-series is focused on adding custom code libraries in Databricks. Databricks comes with...

Web Scraping with Power BI & Python

Do you want to learn Web Scraping with Power BI Python? In this recent webinar with Sr. Consultant Pete Gil, you’ll learn how...

Power BI Interview Questions - Data Shaping

Welcome back to another edition of our Tech Interview series where we tackle the Power BI interview. Our goal is to prepare...

Azure Databricks - Easy and Fast

So, what do you know about Azure Databricks? How about how easy and fast it is? In today’s post I’d like to elaborate on these...

Building a Predictive Model with R in SQL Server Machine Learning Services

Are you looking to learn more about R and Python integration with SQL Server? In a recent webinar, Bob Rubocki, a Practice...


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