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Quickly Import and Export Data from Any Web RESTful API Source 

If you’re like most businesses, it’s become increasingly important to be able to get data from, or write data to, web RESTful...

Incorporate Information from Survey Monkey Using REST Source

If you use Survey Monkey, are you looking for an easier way to get and utilize that information for your business? Survey...

Top 5 SSIS Tips

In a previous blog post, Pragmatic Works Data Analyst, Achara McNair-Tarfa, told us why she hates SSIS. She revisited with...

Connecting to Unusual Data Sources in SSIS

Many of us think of databases as our main source of data. But there are so many other data sources out there. Different teams...

Are You an SSIS Hater?

Are there things you hate about SSIS? Are you frustrated by slow loading, scripting or potential lack of data quality?...

Using REST Source to Get Data from Google Analytics

We get it, you’ve got tons of data in external sources, such as Google Analytics, and it’s time consuming to dig through to get...


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